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evosun lens

The every day lens that quickly adapts to changing light

Eye protection in sunny outdoors.

EvoSun quickly adapts from naturally clear indoors to being fully dark in bright sunlight outdoors.

Kodak EvoSun Lenses change from light when indoors to talk to dark outdoors when exposed UV light from the sun's rays. Thus providing comfortable viewing indoors and outdoors without ever needing to switch eyewear.

While indoors Kodak EvoSun Lens is as clear as other non-photochromic lenses

Kodak EvoSun Lenses are clear indoors, behind a windshield and at night but adapt as light conditions change to provide the appropriate level of darkness outdoors. EvoSun Lenses quickly adjust back to fully clear indoors

Optimal balance of protection, comfort and style.

EvoSun lens filters 100% of UV light.

Outdoors, Kodak EvoSun Lenses automatically adjust to provide a comfortable tint that reduces distracting glare while providing clear vision. On cloudy days or early mornings when you need protection from UV rays but not a fully dark lens, EvoSun Lenses provide the appropriate shade of darkness to give you the comfort and protection you need

Live the good light in lenses that adapt to changing light conditions.

Enjoy the benefit of both sunglasses and prescription glasses in one pair.

Kodak EvoSun Lens is ideal for all people regardless of time spent indoors and outdoors. It can help alleviate eye fatigue, is suitable for most prescriptions and is the ideal introductory photochromic lens

Clean&CleAR lens protection

As an added benefit Kodak EvoSun Lenses also come with Kodak Clean&CleAR Lens Coating with Diamond Technology as standard. The Clean&CleAR proprietary top coat repels dirt, grime and fingerprints, making cleaning easier than standard uncoated lenses


Distracting reflections are also eliminated giving your eyes a clear and bright shine. Combined with super hard Diamond Technology it gives the lenses excellent wear and shock resistance thus giving the lenses a longer and more durable lifespan