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Crisp and clear vision

Anti-reflective lens coatings improve the visual appearance of spectacles and enhances the optics

Clean&CleAR Lens Coating is a high performance HMC+ coating. Our new process improves the lens surface making it much smoother, inhibiting the adhesion of small particles and impurities.

High performance and easier to clean

High performance and great looks come together with Kodak Clean&CleAR Lens Coating. The proprietry top coat repels dirst, grime and fingerprints, making cleaning easier. Distracting refelections are also eliminated giving your eyes a clear and bright shine.

Crystal clear vision, from day to night.

Let light shine through.

With ordinary uncoated lenses, approximately 10% of light is reflected away and doesn't reach the eyes. With Kodak Clean&CleAR Lens, 99.6% of all available light reaches the eyes.

Lenses that repel dirt, grime and water.

KODAK Clean & Clear Lenses are reflection free and have been developed to actively resist dirt, grime, smudges and water.

These lenses are 10 times easier to clean than lenses with traditional reflection-free coatings. The wearer also benefits from clearer vision in all light and weather conditions, as well as the improved cosmetic finish of reflection free lenses.

See improvements in the following:
  • Чёткость

  • Эстетика

  • Контрастность

  • Функциональность

  • Лёгкость ухода